Unique and Value Spanish Program 

At Elze Kids Online, we provide students with the necessary tools for success in their new language. Our native Spanish speaking teachers create an interactive and cultural learning experience through song, dance, and games. We strive to create fun and happy energy.


Spanish Classes Online

Spark your child’s curiosity with a new language! 

One-on-One Spanish Immersion Classes 

Meeting at least twice per week, we combine enthusiastic instruction and conversation to keep your child engaged and motivated.


Students learn Spanish while building math, social, and literacy skills. New vocabulary is added each thematic lesson that is connected to our daily life experiences.


Students develop prediction, observation, reasoning, and critical thinking skills while having fun.


Spanish classes are for preschool to 5th grade. 

Check out our schedule and reserve your spot!

Group Sessions 
in Spanish 

Does your child learn better with others?


We offer scheduled classes with other children from around the world.


Through high-energy theatrical reading, colorful images, and games, students learn the Spanish language together and from each other. 

Children have been loving and succeeding in our virtual and in person classes. 

Virtual Preschool in Spanish

We use interactive games, catchy songs, conversation and more to help students develop the skills needed for kindergarten and beyond.  


We advocate exploration and movement while using exciting themes such as outer space, camping, the farm, and our five senses.


Families are invited to participate as needed.  

Let’s connect lives, people, cultures, and thoughts through a new language. 

Classes for Adults 

Coming Soon!


Customized program to your needs.

Tutoring Services in Spanish 

We offer one-on-one tutoring and homework help for kindergarten to 5thgrade.


We cater to all learning styles and needs. Each session is customized and focused on the learning goal of your child.  

Focus on our heart, mind, and body through movement

Enrichment Classes | Yoga 

Taking care of ourselves is essential to our well-being.

We focus on our heart, mind, and body through movement to help us to find our healthy and happy place.


Let's connect through yoga postures, visualizations, and breathing techniques to better our lives. 

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